Blog #7 Non-Western

Man Released from the Mechanistic to the Creative Life, Jose Clemente Orozco, 1932

Jose Clemente Orozco was born November of 1883 in Ciudad Guzman. He went to school at the Agricultural School of San Jacinto. After that he went to San Carlos Academy of Art. He started of intending to get a career in architecture. But he then applied his talents to painting, drawing, and printmaking. He was one of he leaders of the group Syndicate of Painters and Sculptors. This group played a major role in developing Mexico’s modern art. Their major focused was on mural painting. Jose Clemente Orozco died from a heart attack in 1949 at his home.

The painting I picked is a piece of a twenty-four-panel mural. Each panel represents a scene. The mural covers the history of the migration of the Aztecs into central Mexico.

I chose this painting because looking at it, I thought that it was a man who is in the middle of what was the past and what is new, the future. He is facing forward with his arms high.  The dark black tools look used and old and he is facing the future. Walking away from the broken and old things into the new and improved ways of life.


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