Blog #6

Street Art

Julian Beever has been doing pavement drawings sine the mid 1990’s.  He does his street work all over the world. He does portrait paintings, old masters, self-work, and illusions. He works as a freelance artist and creates murals for companies.

Queen Elizabeth I

This old masters portrait is called Queen Elizabeth I.

This was a old masters portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. He created portrait in 1999 on Oxford Street in London.

Portrait of Diana

This is called Portrait of Diana.

This was a portrait of Diana. He made this portrait in the West End of London. It was a very popular drawing. It was shown all over the world through television and daily newspapers.


This is called Self-portrait.

This is a portrait of Julian Beever himself. This was made on a high street in the Brussels.

White Water Rafting

This is called White Water Rafting.

This is one of Julian Beever 3D Illusion drawings.

Batman and Robin

This is one of my favorite 3D illusions from Julian Beever. It is called Batman and Robin.

The next artist that also does street art is Kurt Wenner. Kurt was born in Ann Arbor Michigan and then was raised in Santa Barbara, California. He commissioned his first mural when he was just 16. Then at 17 was earning a living from his graphic arts. He attended Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Center College of Design. He was also employed by NASA where he created conceptual paintings of future space projects and extra terrestrial landscapes according to the latest scientific information. He left NASA in 1982 to go live in Italy and study art. He then started living in Rome. He began his street art in Rome in 1982. He was recognized as a Master Street Painter in 1984. Many artists who use this technique of 3D art can be traced back to Wenner’s invention from the early 1980’s.

This 3D illusion is called Babel.

This illusion is called Neptune.

This one is called Echo & Narcissus.


2 Responses to “Blog #6”

  1. seledoux Says:

    Like you, I chose to highlight some fantastic street artists. I am curious as to your aesthetic reactions to the work – obviously you like them, but what about them do you particularly enjoy? Do you prefer one artist’s style to the other? Why?

  2. noellejoseph Says:

    You did a good job describing the artists background. Also including where the street art was located. I enjoyed looking at your pictures! its amazing how in depth they go, and how many of them look 3-D! great blog!

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