The word impressionism was created by the painted work of impression and sunrise from the artist Claude Monet. I personally love the impressionist paintings. They are paintings of things that made impressions on people. So these are paintings of what they think is beautiful and what they love. This was something that has made an impression on their life and would want to keep it and share it with others.

I love that these things were important and made an impression on the artist and that they painted it to share with others.

Paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir were paintings of every day life and things that happen every day, but he wanted to capture the moment. I think that that is awesome and this is why I love the impressionist paintings because they were capturing a moment that will never be exactly the same ever again. Things change, there will be different people at a race, there will be a different sunset or sunrise with different clouds in the background, there will be different clothing, and expressions on a face. Everything will be different and they are capturing the moment at that given time.

Just as Edgar Degas he was influenced by photography, capturing a moment in time. He was doing the same things with his paintings. He liked painting spontaneous moments.

One piece of work that I like from the impressionist era is from Pierre-Auguste Renoir. This piece is Luncheon of the Boating Party this piece is just a moment in time of probably friends, family, or acquaintances just having fun at a party with smiles and conversations. You get to see expressions on the people’s faces. There are wine bottles on the tables, a dog in one of the ladies arms. It is just like a day at a party.

Pierre-Huguste Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881

Another painting that I like is from Claude Monet it is Regattas at Sainte-Adresse. To me a lot of the paintings are like how I look at pictures. This is because in every picture it is a moment in time and that is why I love pictures and this is exactly what these paintings are doing. Nothing is the same there is always going to be something new and things changing. As in the painting Regattas at Sainte-Adresse, this is a beautiful painting, but there will never be a day with the exact same clouds and ships and people. It is amazing and I love this picture with the ripples in the water and the clouds scattered around. It is just a beautiful painting.

Claude Monet, Regates a Sainte-Adresse, 1867

Post-impressionist paintings showed the brush strokes of the paintings. The post-impressionist painting I looked at was Place du Carrousel. In the Place du Carrousel . In post-impressionist paintings they use color and shapes to get the psychological view. They do this so you focus on what is actually in the picture and the meaning and reason for the moment in time instead of the actual appearance.

Camille Pissarro, Place du Carrousel, Paris 1900


One Response to “Impressionism”

  1. cngoodwin Says:

    I like the emphasis you put on the desire to capture the moment. These are all very good choices for demonstrating the Impressionist style.The Pissarro painting from the turn of the century manages to put minute detail together with the rough brush strokes. It is very good.

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